Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine

The practice offers the full range of modern ear, nose and throat examinations, such as ultrasound and endoscopy. Our doctors are also experts in dizziness, hearing problems and tinnitus. In addition, the practice specialises in the assessing acute and chronic sinus complaints and problems with breathing through the nose.
We also offer our patients as a special service for the comprehensive acute diagnosis of respiratory infections.

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Allergologie Pipette mit Tropfen


The number of patients with allergic diseases is growing, in particular in industrialised countries. Experts estimate that only 10% of patients with allergies are treated in line with current recommendations from the relevant professional associations.
Dr. Bartsch has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating of allergic diseases in the respiratory system. He carries out extensive examinations (including a skin test, blood test and if necessary a provocation test) before drawing up an individual treatment plan for each patient.

Specialist areas

In addition to our wide range of ENT services, we also offer numerous other services. This includes occupational suitability assessments or diagnosing voice and speech disorders through the use of a stroboscope to examin the vocal chords, for example. We carry out outpatient sleep assessments for people who suffer from snoring and recommend treatment options. We can also provide advice to help you decide whether an operation is necessary or not (second opinion).

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