In addition to our wide range of ENT services, we also offer numerous other services.

This includes occupational suitability assessments or diagnosing voice and speech disorders through the use of a stroboscope to examin the vocal chords, for example.

We carry out outpatient sleep assessments for people who suffer from snoring and recommend treatment options.

We can also provide advice to help you decide whether an operation is necessary or not (second opinion).


We offer screening and polysomnographies for people who suffer from snoring or suspected sleep apnoea.

Reduction in size of the nasal turbinates with radiofrequency surgery to treat difficulties in breathing through the nose

Identification of organic changes (e.g. vocal fold nodules or polyps) and functional disorders of the vocal cords. If you have hoarseness that lasts for more than two weeks, you should seek professional medical advice.

Diagnosis of functional voice disorders, chronic hoarseness

Assessments for professions involving speaking or singing, for example actors, singers or speech therapists

We will discuss your personal risk level and explain medical issues related to diving

Headaches, migraine, neural pain such as trigeminal neuralgia, diseases of the respiratory system, sinus infections, chronic inflammation, allergies

Investigation of possible causes and individual treatment programmes

Examination of the oral cavity, throat, neck and larynx for changes in the mucous membranes

We can provide advice to help you decide whether to go ahead with surgery for hearing problems, chronic sinusitis, polyposis, difficulty in breathing through the nose, chronic tonsillitis and tumours.


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